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Under Floor Heating

Under Floor Heating

Installation & Design

We can design, supply and install a variety of underfloor heating products and components to cater for many project sizes and needs. Whether it is for additional work to an existing wet system or full design and installation on a larger scale, we are able to offer a solution.

Because you're not heating one wall space though a majority of convection heating via a conventional panel radiator, underfloor heating utilises the whole floor space to transmit radiant heat allowing it to be generated using much lower water temperatures than conventional systems, which is extremely energy efficient.

Advantages Of Under Floor Heating

  • Underfloor heating is a modern and high-spec feature that allows you to enjoy the luxury of warm floors during cold winter mornings.
  • It can be an efficient way of heating a room as the heat rises slowly around the whole room, while radiators heat a more isolated area. It can also remove the need for radiators, depending on the size of the system.
  • It is a flexible heating option that can be fitted in a new room or as per existing room.

Please not that underfloor heating can take longer to heat up than radiators, which work quickly to high temperatures and in some cases, such as with smaller systems, they won't be able to totally supplement radiators.

How underfloor heating works
Underfloor water heating works by connecting pipes laid under the floor to a manifold (essentially a central system to connect pipes together) and then to your heating system. It will also be fitted to a thermostat so that you can regulate the temperature.

The floor should be properly prepared and insulated to make the system work efficiently. There needs to be enough space to accommodate this and the piping, so you might have to elevate the floor level, especially if it's being retrofitted in a room that already exists. Because of this, it's easier to install water underfloor heating in a new build as these adjustments can be taken into consideration from the start.

Cost & Installation
The cost will depend on what type of underfloor heating you opt for, whether it will be installed in a new room or retrofitted to an existing room and what your floor structure is like.

Things to consider

  • Whether you want an electric or water system
  • The number and type of rooms you want it installed in
  • Each room's size
  • If you want to get rid of the radiators in that room

For more information or a no obligation quotation for our Under Floor Heating services please contact us on 01493 752128 or 07824 446940.

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